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ACME's next national conference will be held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, April 7, 2011. It has already attracted nationally known media experts, including Jean Kilbourne and Susan Linn. The culmination of the conference will be an evening gathering in which noted author, scholar and reformer Bob McChesney will present solutions to our most pressing media challenges. This conference will consist of five tracks, or five mini-conferences. It will take place the day before Free Press' National Conference for Media Reform.

ACME's Mission

We live in the most heavily mediated society in world history. Powerful media tools—print, radio, television, the Internet—can bring a rich diversity of information into every home and school. Yet just a few multinational corporations (Big Media) own much of the media that shape our 21st century culture. Independently-funded media literacy education plays a crucial role in challenging Big Media's monopoly over our culture, helping to move the world to a more just, democratic and sustainable future.

Free of any funding from Big Media, ACME is an emerging global coalition run by and for media educators, a network that champions a three-part mission:

1. Teaching media education knowledge and skills - through keynotes, workshops, trainings, and institutes - to children and adults so that they can become more critical media consumers and more active participants in our democracy;

2. Supporting media reform - No matter what one's cause, media reform is crucial for the success of that cause, and since only those who are media-educated support media reform, media education must be a top priority for all citizens and activists;

3. Democratizing our media system through education and activism.


Download this one page PDF (pictured below) capturing ACME's work, vision, and mission. Learn how you can join ACME and support ACME's work today!

Free ACME Teaching Resource

Tackling The Beer Barons

Lesson Plan
(PDF) / Student Log (PDF)

Goal: An investigative, goal-oriented, lesson to stimulate critical thinking about the single most watched television show, the Super Bowl, and its most common ads--beer commercials--and their impact on youth.

Rationale: If students don’t receive this information, children know less about one of the most powerful media--TV ads and sports broadcasting. Then, the alcohol companies can continue their powerful influence upon the socialization of our kids.

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