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ACME's Mission

We live in the most heavily mediated society in world history. Powerful media tools—print, radio, television, the Internet—can bring a rich diversity of information into every home and school. Yet just a few multinational corporations (Big Media) own much of the media that shape our 21st century culture. Independently-funded media literacy education plays a crucial role in challenging Big Media's monopoly over our culture, helping to move the world to a more just, democratic and sustainable future.

Free of any funding from Big Media, ACME is an emerging global coalition run by and for media educators, a network that champions a three-part mission:

1. Teaching media education knowledge and skills - through keynotes, workshops, trainings, and institutes - to children and adults so that they can become more critical media consumers and more active participants in our democracy;

2. Supporting media reform - No matter what one's cause, media reform is crucial for the success of that cause, and since only those who are media-educated support media reform, media education must be a top priority for all citizens and activists;

3. Democratizing our media system through education and activism.

ACME's Approach

ACME's unique approach to media education involves teaching citizens how to more effectively access, analyze, evaluate and produce media. ACME's success stems from a "hands on" approach to teaching media skills, knowledge, and activism in an engaging way. Our coalition is led by veteran teachers with years of classroom experience working with students of all ages. Browse this web site to get a small taste of the ACME network's ongoing projects: resources, tool kits, handouts, study guides, videos, and more.

Check out this short video featuring ACME Board Co-President Dr. Rob Williams answering the question "What is ACME?"


ACME ByLaws (PDF Download)

ACME is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Memberships and donations are tax-deductible.

What media experts are saying about ACME!

The Media Education Foundation's Sut Jhally
Received ACME's First "Media Education/Activist" Award (Presented at the 2004 ACME National Summit)

“Media literacy is so dangerous to media corporations that they have moved to hijack the movement as it builds momentum. ACME’s formation and launch therefore is an important political moment."

- Dr. Sut Jhally, Author and Filmmaker

“The problem we face with a hyper-commercial, profit-obsessed media system is that it does a lousy job of producing citizens in a democracy. A solution is real media literacy education that doesn’t just make people more informed consumers of commercial fare, but makes them understand how and why the media system works-so they may be critics, citizens and active participants. This is the type of media education ACME is committed to doing.”

- Dr. Robert McChesney, Author of Our Media, Not Theirs.

Why should I become an ACME member?

How about the ACME Top Ten membership benefits!

With today's media environment offering both great opportunity and tremendous threat, ACME embraces the following three-part mission:

* Teaching media literacy skills to children and adults so they can become more critical media consumers and active citizens.
* Championing a wide array of independent mediavoices.
* Democratizing our media system through political

What is ACME?

ACME is a network of educators, students, health professionals, journalists, media-makers, parents, activists, and other citizens joined as a member-supported, independent, nonprofit continental educational coalition.

What does ACME do?

Using a wide variety of multimedia curricula and resources, ACME helps individuals and organizations gain the skills and knowledge to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce media in a wide variety of forms. This work is often described as “media literacy education.”

What is the problem?

Kaiser Family Foundation research reveals that the average American child spends more than 38 hours per week with media devices, while the average U.S. home typically owns three televisions, three tape players, three radios, two VCRs, two CD players, one video game player and at least one computer. Our society has no systematic approach to helping citizens understand and manage the impact of media “consumption” on our economy, our democracy, our personal relationships, or our health. The threat to democracy posed by pervasive media commercialization and consolidation is being challenged by an emerging national coalition, and ACME is a key partner in this coalition.

ACME's three-part solution

* Developing, distributing, reviewing, and promoting media-literacy curricula and educational initiatives that (a) encourage critical thinking and free expression, (b) examine our consolidated media system, and (c) inspire active civic participation in society;

* Advocating and promoting independent media-making (video, digital, print, radio, ‘zine, blog, etc.) as a critical part of the educational process, and an essential component of a democratic society; and

* Supporting and linking media education with civic engagement at the local and national levels, encouraging individuals to move away from cynicism and apathy, and toward civic activism and engagement.

Where is ACME?

Founded in 2002 in Albuquerque, N.M., ACME works through a continental network and local chapters in the United States and Canada. Collaboration occurs via the Internet, phone networking, local meetings, public outreach, and continental Summits. Each member of ACME’s national board is elected for a two-year term by dues-paying ACME members.

How is ACME supported?

Membership dues, individual donations, and grants support ACME. ACME takes no money from Big Media corporations. Much of ACME’s work is carried on by volunteers able to appropriately leverage existing resources and relationships.

Why join ACME now?

Your $50 ACME membership ($25 seniors/students/limited income; $100 organizations) supports independent media literacy education and provides you with a wide variety of benefits:

* Resources: Discounts on the purchase of dozens of multi-media teaching materials (DVDs, CD-ROMS, books, etc.).

* Networking: Participation in ACME conversations through our listserve, e-bulletin, web site, and “blog” resources.

* Communication: Automatic electronic subscription to BACME, our regular e-bulletin, featuring articles, links and valuable information about media literacy education, independent production, and democratic media reform efforts.

* Civic Participation: Invitations to join action groups and regional chapters that create and support independent media education, production, and reform efforts.

* Organization: Access to and discounts on ACME merchandise-bumper stickers, buttons, and other merchandise. The right to use and distribute ACME curriculum and materials.

* Citizenship: The opportunity to make a difference on behalf of our children, our culture, our media system, and our democracy.


"Why ACME?" flyer (PDF Download)

ACME is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Memberships and donations are tax-deductible.

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