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ACME 2008: the National Conference on Media Reform

"Nation" journalist John Nichols puts on his "What the FCC Is Going On" button with a giant white polar bear. Really!

ACME 2008: the National Conference on Media Reform

What do I feel like walking into an auditorium with 3,000 citizens all fired up for media reform?

To quote the late great James Brown:

"I feels good."

ACME Teach-In 2008: CCFC's Josh Golin on Predatory Marketing

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood's Josh Golin frames his multimedia talk on how corporations use multimedia to target kids, and what we can do about it.

ACME Teach-In 2008: Co-President Bob McCannon's Keynote

ACME Co-President Bob McCannon deconstructs the decided lack of mainstream news coverage re: the recent sub-prime mortgage debacle in his afternoon keynote.

ACME Teach-In 2008: Kenner and Rivera Teach Technology

ACME Teach-In participants have all of their media and technology questions answered by Horace Mann School tech gurus and ACME New York City co-founders Adam Kenner and Sheryl Rivera, just prior to the 4th National Conference on Media Reform.

ACME Teach-In 2008: MEF's Kendra Hodgson's Screenings

MEF's Kendra Hodgson shares some powerful MEF film clips in her discussion-driven workshop about using documentary films for social change.

ACME Teach-In 2008: Co-President Rob Williams-Digital Media

How can we harness the power of digital media to champion a community or social cause important to us? We explored this question in our workshop, looking at a "Turn On The Tap" digital story created by elementary school media makers.

ACME: Media Education for Media Reform/Democracy

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Hear ACME Co-President Dr. Rob Williams speak on media education for media reform at Senator Bernie Sanders' town meeting at St. Michael's College.

"Learn about Big Media and Media Consolidation"

From kiten2cat12345 on YouTube:

"This is a simple, easy to understand, overview of the situation of media in America and where to go to find information and alternative sources.
I don't specifically mention the big media corporations, but if you are interested they are General Electric, Walt Disney Company, Viacom/CBS, Time Warner, and News Corporation.

Important Places You Should Go:

MEDIA in Jordan: Part 1 of our Documentary

From ACME Co-President Rob Williams on YouTube:

"What happens when you bring together 10 young Jordanians and 10 young Vermonters for eight months of cross-cultural conversation, media education, leadership training, digital storytelling production, and reciprocal three-week home stays in both countries? The answer: so much. Take a look..."

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