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FILM REVIEW: State of Play

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Here's the trailer for "State of Play."

(Video disabled by request.)

First, a confession and a digression.

I confess that I hated the ending to this film, an utterly unsatisfying conclusion that gives the phrase “cop out” a new and pathetic yardstick. If I weren’t committed to nonviolent secession, I’d suggest that the scriptwriter be water boarded by the same U.S. government officials who seem to continually advocate the practice for the “evil doers” here in what we call “real life.”

FILM/BOOK Review: The End of America: The Wolf At The Door

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“Billions of dollars are made in shredding the Constitution.
Not a single penny is made in restoring the Constitution.”

Naomi Wolf - January 17, 2009
Big Picture Theater - Mad River Valley, Vermont

How Corrupt is your local newspaper?


Good morning Everyone,

Today, my paper, the Albuquerque Journal, put the conviction of corrupt Republican Senator Ted Stevens on the last page of the front section. Where did your paper put the story? Last night CBS and NBC featured the story.

This is important. This kind of corruption is not only history making, but our media need to feature public governmental corruption in order to keep public informed and the system honest.

Hedge Fund Info Censored?


In April I warned about the economic danger of hedge funds and associated financial instruments, most importantly called derivatives and credit-default swaps(CDS). Sadly, the warning was prophetic, and our economy is falling apart, and not because of problem mortgages. Bad mortgages we could have handled; hedge funds we are struggling with.

Interestingly enough, in our current financial catastrophe the mainstream news (MSN) still refuses to discuss the role of hedge funds, derivatives and CDS. More importantly, the Presidential candidates are not talking about them either.

You think Terrorists are the Enemy? Try Bankers! Facts Everyone Must Learn!


These are unusual times, and the mainstream media are still not reporting much about the financial crisis, including that inflation is a tax and this financial crisis was predicted by the previous one in the '80's.

Some facts about the financial crisis.

All of the following is true, not exaggerated and non-partisan. Check it for yourself.



By Bob McCannon, ACME Co-President

Many thanks for the response to the last "Untold Story." This is the 3rd.

GAMBLING . . . Excuse me, I should use today's politically correct term, promoted by industry executives, lobbyists and legislators. "GAMING" is one of the largest industries in the U.S. It accounts for over $50 million in contributions to politicians.

On using "assassination" in a Presidential campaign


I can still remember the excruciating personal pain I felt when the news of Bobby Kennedy's assassination came over the radio of my VW bug . . . when that tinny little speaker extinguished another part of my idealism.

I am appalled at Hillary's continued use of assassination (four different speeches) as an explanation for why she is staying in the race. Certainly, I don't think she wishes that fate upon Barack, but the repeated use of the event and the word assassination is too _______ (fill in the blank) for me.

Susan Douglas - NEWS YOU CAN LOSE (column)

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Ever since I read the provocatively hilarious book WHERE THE GIRLS ARE, I've enjoyed Susan Douglas' commentary. Here, she comments on how banal "horse race coverage" of the presidential "election" (and I use the term loosely) remains.

News You Can Lose
By Susan J. Douglas

Read the whole article here.

Remember how Dubya got kid-glove treatment during the 2000 debates, while the press incessantly ridiculed Al Gore? Well, here we go again.

ACME Summit 2008

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ACME Summit 2008

Teach ordinary citizens how to beat big media and create a more democratic 21st century media culture.

June 5th, 2008
Minneapolis, MN

Summit Registration

MEDIA in Jordan: Part 1 of our Documentary

From ACME Co-President Rob Williams on YouTube:

"What happens when you bring together 10 young Jordanians and 10 young Vermonters for eight months of cross-cultural conversation, media education, leadership training, digital storytelling production, and reciprocal three-week home stays in both countries? The answer: so much. Take a look..."

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